and it falls apart again.
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Thread: and it falls apart again.

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    Defaultand it falls apart again.

    Ughh...utility is going to be the death of me.

    Murray was really "getting it" at our last shows so I had high hopes for him for the '07 show season. We will be showing every weekend until Feb now so of course everything falls apart.

    Murray has decided that glove #2 is VERY appealing no matter what glove I send him for. I actually broke down and bought a flexi (I dispise those things and think they should be banned but it's the only thing I could use).

    I send him for glove #3, he runs for #2, I lock the flexi and stop him in his tracks, and reel him back in. Resend, again he goes for #2. I finally get him to lock on to #3, send him, he takes 2 steps and stops. Grrr. It's been going like this for about 1 week now. Yesterday I met some friends for practice. Now instead of #2 or #3, he's going for #1. In addition, he has decided that he needs to take the jumps on his way out for the go out.

    I just took Murray out to practice today and he did really well on the gloves and the go outs (YEA) but he missed the metal article (BOO). He never misses articles. He picked up the correct one first, then put it down to recheck the pile and proceeded to try to bring back 2 leather articles before bringing back the correct metal one. AGGGHHHHH!!!! I'm going crazy. We have 3 shows coming up this weekend. I know this is just another step in the learning process but I thought we were past all these types of set backs. At least his working attitude is still good. He doesn't shut down at the corrections and loves to work. He really is trying to please.

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    DefaultRe: and it falls apart again.

    Oh,I so feel your pain!!! I just started taking lessons with a new trainer to me and Kona. We have some things to work out with Kona ...... I have only had our first lesson (private) ... we start the classes on the 9th. I entered a show on the 13th ..... who knows how well do then!!
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    DefaultRe: and it falls apart again.

    Been there and still doing that!

    I've not tried the flexi yet to correct on gloves. I did correct him one time (stopped him) and then had a heck of a time getting him to go out at all.

    You really sound like you have a busy schedule coming up. Hopefully it will all begin to gel as you start back in the ring!


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