How bad is it to scratch?
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Thread: How bad is it to scratch?

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    DefaultHow bad is it to scratch?

    Another question:

    Kevin and I are talking about what to enter the boys in at the trial.

    Here's the issue:

    The show is Thursday-Sunday.

    Kevin can help me for sure on Saturday and Sunday. I'll be on my own for Thursday and Friday, unless he can wangle it so he can get off work for one or both days, or at least for an afternoon or morning or something. He is not sure at this all depends on what is going on.

    Since we have four days, it would be optimal to enter both boys for all four days. That way they would each have four chances to earn three legs.


    I don't have a way to transport both boys at one time. When we go somewhere, we usally take the truck and my car. In a pinch Simon could ride in the front seat of the truck and Angus in a kennel in back. But honestly, juggling two wild dogs in and out of a show environment sounds like it might be over my head.

    So what Kevin just proposed is that I go ahead and sign them both up for all four days, and if he can't help on a particular day, one of them just scratches.

    Is it considered bad form to scratch like this? Kevin thinks they wouldn't care since they would have their money, but I wondered if this is bad dog show etiquette? :P

    Connie and "The Boys":
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    DefaultRe: How bad is it to scratch?

    Its not bad at all. Things happen that lead to scratches all the time. Bitches come in season, dogs get sick or injured, people get sick or injured etc. There is never a problem with scratching in Rally as your scratch will never affect another competitor. In Obedience it never matters if you scratch from a Novice class or Open A or Utility A. The only time it affects other competitors in Obedience is if you scratch from a Open B or Utility B class, because The number of dogs competing determines the number of OTCH pts that are awarded. So if you repeatedly entered a large number of dogs and then scratched in the open and utility classes it might tend to annoy the other competitors going for Otch's.
    The clubs and judges are always fine with scratches.

    Kelly and Amber

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    DefaultRe: How bad is it to scratch?

    I scratched Emilu's last show that she was signed up for. We had a Sat and Sun show and she had already gotten her title. I was visiting at my parents and decided to just show Sat instead of Sunday. I told them on Sat when I signed in that I couldn't make it on Sunday. Just make sure you let them know.

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    DefaultRe: How bad is it to scratch?

    Doesn't matter if you scratch. If you can tell them since you'll be there some of the days, that's great, but otherwise, it doesn't really matter. The stewards don't really worry too much about those absent. Even if you show up late, they can usually sign you in and throw you in line at the end. It's really flexible.

    I have done 2 dogs before and I actually transport them loose in my Tahoe, set up a crate ringside and put the first dog in it. The second dog going usually stays in the car until I am done with the first one, then I exchange them. Of course that only works if you are at a place where you can park relatively close to the ring.

    I am taking 2 in January.


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