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    Okay, this question will probably tell you what a rookie i am-

    what is a show n' go? is it something you all recommend doing?

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    DefaultRe: show n' go

    Show and go's are practice shows where you can train your dog as you are showing. At our show and go's you can use food, praise and corrections. We allow prong collars also. An AKC sanctioned match is just like a show and you can't use food or corrections and praise is only after the exercise is finished. You also cannot use a prong collar at the AKC sanctioned match..
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    DefaultRe: show n' go

    Show n Go's are definitely worth doing. You gain a lot of valuable ring experience and you get to train in the ring.

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    DefaultRe: show n' go

    It also helps the dog get used to a show-like environment. Ours usually charge in the neighborhood of $5 per dog per run. It is great practice. If you want them to, whoever is "judging" that day will give you feedback about what you need to work on and such.

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