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    We've been training for slightly over a month now. It's amazing how far Scotty has come. Our trainer has no doubts that we'll pass the TD in the spring (and she's not the one to create unrealistic expectations in people). We've been training in a schoolyard field by our house during the weekdays (two days out of five) and in a field in the middle of nowhere with our trainer and other people on weekends.

    Today was the first time we did three 90-degree turns in one track. We've had some snow on the ground in the last two weeks, so it made learning turns easier for both of us. But on one of the days before the snow fell, we were in the field with two curves on our track. I could not see the flags marking the curves, just knew the direction of the first straight leg. I had to totally trust Scotty to track. It was a bit scary since we're still so new to tracking, and I am still fine-tuning how to read him. But I was so ecstatic when I follow Scotty through the first curve and finally saw a flag. And then I followed him through the second curve and the flag appeared! He is such a smart boy, and I am just amazed at the dogs' ability to smell. We now just have to lengthen the tracks and keep doing turns and working out through any issues which might come up between now and April.

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    DefaultRe: Tracking update

    I so want to start tracking now. I just don't have the time yet or anyone around that does tracking..Sigh so much to do so little time,

    Kelly and Amber

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    DefaultRe: Tracking update

    WTG Scotty!!! Tracking is so fun!
    ~Veronica and Nikki~
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    Nikki 6 months

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    DefaultRe: Tracking update

    Good job, Scotty and Tatyana! ;D It sounds like a blast! As soon as I get Libby's CD/RN (she only has her first legs toward each, and I don't want to take her farther than that because she gets pretty gimpy when she jumps), I think I may try doing hunt tests next, but we'll see....Tracking is definitely something that I could find more places to practice around here. You make it sound like sooo much fun!

    ~Julie, Rogue, Monty, and Eddy~

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