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    DefaultWell, this is exciting!

    Talked to a lady who is in class with Micah and me who does tracking. Once the weather breaks they will be out tracking again. I mentioned that I would love to have Caleb certified to try to enter the National in tracking. She asked when it was and I told her October. She does not see that it would be a problem since he was all ready tracking before we bought the business! WHOO HOO!

    Then yesterday when I got to the building our agility instructor all ready had the equipment set for the classes that night. So after I was done working obedience stuff I messed with Caleb on the weaves. He did six weaves without me having to direct him through! I just kept telling him weave! So, I showed Pat and she was impressed! She said we could have a shot at jumpers with weaves! Then, before the second classes started I put him on the A-frame and he did it! Then the walk and teeter (which was never a problem with him). So, I think once the OTCH is done I'll try to get a couple of agility titles with him! What was really fun is he did not want to quit! Those of you who remember when I tried to teach him agility before, he would run into his x-pen and not come out. Now I can't get him back in! What a change!
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    A true all round dog! Sounds like he is having fun! I'd like to get into tracking also.

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