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    Defaultexplaining agility

    Linda posted that she didn't know much about agility but enjoys watching it. That reminded me of something that happened this weekend.

    A friend is sending in some Rally info about her dogs recent titles for the Rally magazine. She asked me if she could include the team info for Rally Relay from our Nov trial. She needed Murray and Essy's titles and registered names.

    I gave her all of Murray's titles and she asked "so in agility you list every title at every level?" I didn't understand what she meant so she said in obedience we put CD for the novice title and then we replace it with CDX for the Open title because it's known that you can't get a CDX without having a CD first so there is no need to list CD. I told her it is the same for agility...when you get an open title it is assumed that you have the novice title. She asked why we had so many titles then. I said each title represents a different game for a different org. She said well Novice obed is different from Open obedience. I said yes but it is the same game....obedience. She said well isn't agility agility?

    Since she still didn't understand I explained that her dogs have both obedience and rally titles and she lists both after their names because they were different "games". She agreed. I said your dogs also have ASCA obedience titles and you list those too right? She agreed. I said well our agility titles represent different games (like rally vs traditional obedience) in different organizations (like AKC and ASCA). I think I saw the lightbulb flicker on for a minute. ;D

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    DefaultRe: explaining agility

    I know I still get confused with some of the agility stuff!!!! It is true though with all the different venues that one can compete at now a days. When I was out with Becca there were not that many! Just AKC, UKC (if you could ever find a trial!) and Canadian. Now there are sooooooooooo many different groups! I know I list all Caleb's stuff, even his Canadian.
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    DefaultRe: explaining agility

    Nice ... I wouldn't have been able to explain it that well

    I really like that we have all of these different organizations ... it's nice to take a break from the tighter AKC courses and focus for a while on improving different aspects of your team ...

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    DefaultRe: explaining agility

    I would like to put all my dogs titles down... we worked hard to earn them all. But I know you are supposed to drop the CD after you get CDX, etc. Still... I paid good money for those titles :P


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