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    well I might try and challenge it then and see if I can get a measurement less than 22" she measured 22 3/8" but I have measured her today (used the measurement device at the agility show today) and had a measurement of 21 7/8". What happens if you get two height cards and one is under and one over 22"? do they go by the last temporary card? or do I have to wait till she is two? Should her head be up or down when measured? any tips to get a slightly lower measurement? Is it wrong to try and get into a lower class? I know id obedience once a judge makes a ruling you don't want to challenge it. Is it wrong to challenge a height issued by a judge? What is the etiquette of this?


    Kelly and Amber

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    You were at a show today? Where?

    No one cares if you challenge it, everyone wants their dog in a lower class. Some people will even take weight off the dog, take thinning shears to the dog's withers, try to "stack" the dog with its legs slightly farther apart than normal, etc. Trying to get her to measure into 20" might not create a particularly favorable opinion of you among the 2 or 3 judges that measured your dog, but that'll usually be AKC reps that you never really have to deal with anyways. The only people who really care are the ones with at the very bottom end of the 20"-jumping range.

    I don't know how challenge measurements work with a dog under 2, but once she is 2 you'd have to get two measurements at 22" or under. If you had one under and one over once she is 2, you'd need a third one to break the tie.

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