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    Doh! It just hit me why Ruger is so excited by the articles. I play a game in the house with Magnum and Ruger when the weather is bad. I will take their favorite toys (Ruger's tuggy and Mag's Ally Gator) and I sit the dogs in the kitchen, tell them to stay, go out into the house and "hide" their toys, come back to the kitchen to release them by saying "Find it!" They go wild and love this game.

    My verbal send for articles is "Find Mine!" Ruger sometimes squeals with delight at this command (which will cost a point or so but I won't correct him for it).

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    DefaultRe: Find It!!!

    Yep...find it is a GREAT game. See...obedience IS real life.

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    Yep, obedience is real life!!! Caleb does the same--peeping the whole time on articles, gloves, go-outs..........................
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    DefaultRe: Find It!!!

    Amber and I play kinda the same game. I tell her eyes and put my hand over her eyes and then throw one of her toys really far away in the house and then tell her find it. I usually toss it under or on or behind some furniture or some place difficult. don't want to make it too easy for her..

    Kelly and Amber


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