Dog boots for tracking?
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Thread: Dog boots for tracking?

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    DefaultDog boots for tracking?

    We got some snow over the last two days. This morning, we went for our tracking session. Scotty kept kicking his legs trying to get the snow off. I don't want him to be uncomfortable and associate tracking with it. Should I get him some doggie boots? Or do you think it's just the first time this year in the snow, and he'll get used to it soon?

    If I should get doggie boots, can you recommend a brand? Thanks.

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    DefaultRe: Dog boots for tracking?

    Sorry I can be of no help. If it were my dog, I wouldn't get the boots. Labs are bred to work in cold weather conditions. I think it would take longer to accustom the dog to the boots, than to snow? Now, if there is a lot of road-salt to deal with I might think of the boots for protection.

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    DefaultRe: Dog boots for tracking?

    My dogs wear Muttluks (got them from JB wholesale) when we're backpacking in rocky places or hiking in snow. They stay on pretty well and keep their paws from getting ripped up on rocks. The dogs walk really funny when you first put them on, but they get used to them quickly. They sometimes fall off but unless your dog is running full-speed while tracking they should stay on. They only come off when they're running quickly through water or dense foliage.

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    DefaultRe: Dog boots for tracking?

    I'd say no to the boots also, as they affect traction, and you don't want Scotty slipping as it is with that elbow.


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