Nice story on "attention" from the show yesterday
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Thread: Nice story on "attention" from the show yesterday

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    DefaultNice story on "attention" from the show yesterday

    After drying my eyes a little yesterday, I managed to watch the rest of the Novice B class in obedience. This little ILP's lasa ahpso (sp) came out and right from the start it's little face never ceased looking up so trustingly into it's handlers eyes. It had beautiful heeling, and I have never seen such wonderful attention. It didn't do real well in some other things, and seemed rather shy in the ring, but such a sweet little dog. I made my mind up to find the owner and ask how she got such beautiful attention from her dog. After the show I went up to her and told her how much I enjoyed watching her and her dog, and what wonderful attention the dog had. She thanked me and said it was the first time the dog had ever been in the ring. I asked how she taught her dog attention and she kind of hesitated (I know it's like saying "how did you teach your dog to heel?"), but the lady with her said "we have an "attention class" at the club. A little more hestiation from the owner and the other lady said - "she teaches it - in fact - she developed the class!" Ah - so that explains it! So I said - 'well - you're doing a great job - your dog has the most beautiful attention I've ever seen" Then the gal went over into the next building and got the handouts for the class - it actually follows the way Terri Arnold teaches it (I know - I got that far in the first series of the books) It's a 7 week class and they don't want you to work on anything else that requires heeling during that time. I'm going to try to get hold of her and ask her just a few question, and maybe work on it with my 2 dogs, or with a new pup. (whick I'm just about ready to get after yesterday)

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    Sounds promising. I'd like to know what they actually do? Clue us in if you find out

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