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    DefaultSat agility results plus...

    Well we are doing AKC agility this weekend.* I love AKC agility because they give you a CLASS TIME!!!!* We were to check in at 11.* I decided to go at 8 to set up everything, take my daughter to a leisurely breakfast, come back and do some things around the house, then get the dogs and go to the agility trial.*

    When I got to the trial location, I discovered that they were also having an obedience match that was not advertised (they'll have Rally tomorrow).* Oh I jumped all over that.* I set up my tent quicker than ever before, grabbed a quick breakfast (instead of a leisurely one), ran home and grabbed the dogs, then raced back to the site.*

    The judge was AWESOME!!!!* I told her I was having problems with Murray's confidence in the ring.* She told me to do whatever was necessary to ensure he had fun.* We started out heeling and he immediately started sniffing and lagging.* I said "No sniff! Hurry up and heel." and he quickly caught up to me and heeled the rest of the pattern. Score 1 for me.* ;D* He did the down signal but decided to look away while I gave the sit signal...his latest MO is to "not see the signal". We waited him out.* I just held the signal until he thought I might be done and looked back at me.* Imagine the surprised look on his face when he "saw" the signal.* Oh geez mom, I guess I'll sit.* Score 2 for me.* ;D* Recall and finish were good.* The judge said "Good.* Let's do it again." and she let us do signals AGAIN! Murray did them perfectly with great attention and his tail was even wagging.* ;D* Articles, gloves, moving stand were all awesome.* First go out was perfect and he took the jump.* The judge said "very nice!"* Murray decided not to go out all the way for the 2nd go out so I got to make him do it.* Score 3 for me.* ;D You can't possibly understand how happy I am about this.* I wish more judges were this patient. I'm hoping I had a breakthru with Murray today.

    Agility was also good.* We didn't Q but I had Murray's attention and he tried very hard.* I led out for the jumpers course but it was a weird angle so Murray went around the first jump and missed the start eye so I had take him back around to restart.* He also knocked 2 bars but he was with me the whole time.* We also almost Qd in Std but I think the judge thought Murray missed his contact on the A-frame.* He didn't though.*I made sure of it. We have running contacts so we sometimes get called if Murray jumps from the top of the contact zone instead of running all the way down to the bottom and I've learned to live with it. The other issue was the teeter.* Murray exited the teeter and spied about 10 plastic water bottles that were sitting IN the ring.* >* Water bottles are toys to him.* I was very POd about this.* They shouldn't have been IN the ring.* The rules state No food or drink or toys in the ring.* In fact, they should have been 15' back from the ring.* Oh well.* Tomorrow is another day.

    I entered Essy in Adv A and Murray in Exc B for Rally tomorrow.* I'm going to let my daughter handle both dogs so I get to just sit and watch for once.* ;D We'll also try for those last elusive legs in JWW and Std.
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    DefaultRe: Sat agility results plus...

    Lydia, that is great!!!!
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    DefaultRe: Sat agility results plus...

    What an awesome judge! Glad you two got to work somet hings out

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    DefaultRe: Sat agility results plus...

    That is great about the judge working with you. Sounds like you had a very productive day. Good luck tomorrow.
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    DefaultRe: Sat agility results plus...

    Sounds like a good day to me..good luck tomorrow

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    DefaultRe: Sat agility results plus...

    That is so awesome that they had a match there!!! Hopefully getting those corrections in will help Murray... but you know how it goes with these guys. It's always something

    At our fun match the judge allowed me to do things several times as well, and it was a big help back then. The Columbia club is having a match either tomorrow or next weekend but it's a two hour drive, and I don't want to do that just for a match . I probably should, but I just can't motivate myself.

    Too bad about your agility Q's. You'll snag them tomorrow! Good luck.


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