Just ordered the first Terri Arnold book
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Thread: Just ordered the first Terri Arnold book

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    DefaultJust ordered the first Terri Arnold book

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions re my footwork question. I'm beginning to think that there probably aren't any REALLY good trainers in my immediate area (I live in a fairly small town) closest big town in over an hour away. I'm going to read the first of Terri Arnold's books and then go from there. At least then I will know what is the correct way to do things, and can tell whether a trainer is teaching the correct way or not. Whether I can do them or choose to do them that way is a different matter!

    anyway I liked the sample of the book I read, and am looking forward to it. I can already see that Sam and I are going to have to focus on attention WAY more.


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    DefaultRe: Just ordered the first Terri Arnold book

    I have the entire series and love, love, love them. Her explanations, diagrams, and pictures make it very easy to learn on your own.

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    DefaultRe: Just ordered the first Terri Arnold book

    Another thing to keep in mind.... go to the shows around your area and look for the people showing in Open or Utility. Many times these people will work with you.

    I've basically had to train alone as all our training clubs offer their lessons at night (and I work nights). But I have a few folks who know a lot more than I do, and I get together with them on weekends for little run-thrus (just me and them) or just pointers on how to fix problems. Most people in the sport DO want to see you succeed and are helpful.


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