Not exactly obedience/agility...But Zeke has an update!
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Thread: Not exactly obedience/agility...But Zeke has an update!

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    DefaultNot exactly obedience/agility...But Zeke has an update!

    If anyone remembers, Zeke is my fearful little nutcase* * (the nutcase refers to his goofiness. not his nerves)

    Anyway, we've been trying for *years* to get him comfortable around people.* We've gone from fearful growling and barking with hackles raised, to hiding, to completely ignoring people, to sniffing them when their backs are turned.* Sniffing people was like a plateau and we haven't been able to get people to actually *touch* him without him shrinking away or trying to run.* However..................


    There have been three, count them *three* instances of semi-normal behavior from him, in the four times he's been out recently.... three out of four attempts isn't bad.* At the rally match a few weeks ago he was pouncing on people to steal food...which is bad, but I didn't correct him.....its the first time he has voluntarily gotten that close to someone! Sometimes he used to slink forwards and stick his nose out to steal....but he's never actually jumped on ANYONE.* I shortened the leash so he couldn't do it again....but I didn't correct it :P* *Then he also let 3-4 people pet him too.*

    Then recently I was home on fall break and we ran into an Aussie person we know....she got to scratch one ear for 2-3 seconds.*

    My mom took him to a club meeting last night and at least three people petted him.* My friend scratched his chin, patted his head, and ran her hands down his back (which is a major thing....touching his back is worse than trying to touch his ears).* Someone else did the same, along with one other person!*

    ETA: one of the people who petted him is also the person that Zeke was deathly afraid of only a few months ago....Zeke crouched down and was growling at him the first time they ever met.*

    Finally, at age FOUR and a HALF we're getting somewhere!*

    He has let people touch him before, but he has *never* sought them OUT.* My friend also said he was grabbing her mom's leg with his paws....don't know why he was doing that, but its good!!*

    Hehe. Such a simple thing....but so exciting!
    Zeke RN, agility miscreant and CGC failure

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    DefaultRe: Not exactly obedience/agility...But Zeke has an update!

    That is VERY exciting! It's always great to see progress and it sounds like Zeke has made great strides. Keep up the good work.

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    DefaultRe: Not exactly obedience/agility...But Zeke has an update!

    Wow, it sounds as if Zeke has come a long way! Kudos to you too for all the patience it took to bring him this far!!


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