Rally advice (for possible damage control this weekend)
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Thread: Rally advice (for possible damage control this weekend)

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    DefaultRally advice (for possible damage control this weekend)

    OK, Angus' latest little game seems to be getting overly excited and going out ahead of me on the course. : Just a little, but enough to get a tight lead penalty, and enough to make it impossible, I think, to correctly perform some things. Like, if it was a front that was next, not a problem. But if it's a halt sit, um, he's two feet in front of me.

    So, is this a definite do-over if this happens? Or could I say, using a halt sit as an example, "Get in?" In which case he would come back to my side and sit. Like a finish.

    Thoughts? Just asking in case it happens and I need to make a quick choice. :-\

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    DefaultRe: Rally advice (for possible damage control this weekend)

    I'm not completely sure, but if he was ahead of you and you needed him to sit, I'd just call him back to "heel" postioin and have him sit. He will have performed the station and maybe just get a point or 2 off for not heeling well.

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    DefaultRe: Rally advice (for possible damage control this weekend)

    I had Maddy disobey me on the Advanced sign of "halt-come-right finish-halt" where you can't step to get them to move to front. She sat crooked, when I tried to encourage her to the right spot, she got up and right finished, so I had her do it again, and it wasn't clean, but it was better. I lost one point in my Match for the dog disobeying me, I forget their "term" for that. So if you re-did the station, you would have lost 3. It kind of seems like I redid it the exercise, but I think she scored it differently.

    I personally wouldn't redo it unless you totally got the station totally wrong, which is minus 10 points. Like I did the serpentine weave wrong (entered on wrong side). If I had realized, I should have gone back, lost 3 points on the redo, but wouldn't have lost 10 for doing the station wrong.

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    DefaultRe: Rally advice (for possible damage control this weekend)

    the best way is to fix him before you get in the ring. Do a bunch of heeling and everytime he just starts to forge you either stop and sit correct (good for a forge of about 1 foot), or you just do an about turn and go the other way (good for forges over 1 foot), or Turn left into him and walk through him (good for forges of about 6-12 inches) . Also you can turn left into your dog and trip and fall over him on "accident" and if played off well enough he might consider you a klutz and want to stay back to where he can make sure you wont fall over him again. this last over really requires a bit of agilit so you don't hurt yourself or your dog..These are on leash exercises.
    Amber is exactly like Angus in that she is a forger and she will go beserk and buzz the ring if I praise her to much. One pat and a quite good girl is ok, 2 pats and a loud good girl and she is off to the races. Some days she is wound uptighter than others. at one rally event I had to take a step and sit her (because she would forge instantly) about 25 steps in a row. before I got a second step in. We also have to do heeling up to the ring and if she forges I do an about turn before we get into the ring. I also tend to wait about 30 feet away from the ring entrance so I can heel that distance before we get into the ring. If you need to you can do a few extra sits or lefts before you get into the ring. The judge might want you to hurry up but generally they are pretty forgiving of the Novice A classes. remember take the time you need to get ready and into the ring and do it at your pace. Sometimes its hard because the judges want to rush you through.

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    DefaultRe: Rally advice (for possible damage control this weekend)

    Some dogs don't need any warm up before going in the ring.* It sounds like Angus needs a lot to take the edge off.* Essy is that way too.* I would plan on warming him up earlier than normal.* Heel then do some fronts, then heel and do a moving down, then heel and practice turns/pivots,heel then practice your finishes (or whatever signs are on the course).* Don't just heel for 10 minutes straight before going in or he will be bored senseless and you will be too.* Play with him some too so he thinks this is fun. Also, remember to use your voice.* This is Rally so you can talk up a storm without incurring a penalty. If I felt he was not concentrating, I'd be continually saying "heel Angus, good heel,* let's go, get in, heel, good heel" etc.* Do not break that connection with him or he will start forging. You can be NQd for a continuously tight lead so I'd really focus my efforts on not letting him get forged in the first place.* If you find that he isn't as distracted as you expected, you can stop the chatter. Another thing you can do is get in 1 really good correction on course but you have to look innocent. For example, you have an about turn and Angus is forged. I'd do a quick about turn and let that leash snap him back to reality. You'll get 1 pt for out of position but you also got a good correction in too. You can also purposely bump him in the shoulder on a left turn. Again 1 pt but you got a correction. Now I'm not saying do this all over the course. Just do it if/when the optimal time presents itself.

    As for your example, I'd tell him to "get in" BEFORE he sits forged.* If he has already sat, do not attempt to correct it.*

    Also, it is only 1 pt for out of position for many errors (crooked sit, forged/lagged/wide sit), etc. I would not redo a station for that because it will cost you 3 points.* I only retry a station if it is done incorrectly (downed instead of sat, stood up on the walk around dog, etc).* Those errors cost you 10 pts so it makes sense to retry so you can gain back 7 of the pts.
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