Do I dare say it?
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Thread: Do I dare say it?

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    DefaultDo I dare say it?

    We are showing in Utility again this weekend. Last weekend was such a disaster that all my friends tried to comfort me by saying "bad match means good show". Let's hope they are right. We could really use some positive energy if you have it to spare.

    Also, Essy and my daughter are hoping to finish their RN this weekend. I won't move them up if they finish on Sat. I'm still trying to decide if I'll move them up for the next show (in 2 weeks). My daughter hasn't been able to train like she should because of her broken foot so I'll probably just keep them in RN for awhile longer. However, we have a match in 1 week that I'll probably let them attempt RA just to see where we are at.

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    DefaultRe: Do I dare say it?

    Oh Lydia, I will be thinking about you. Our next Utility show is next weekend.
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    DefaultRe: Do I dare say it?

    Oh, it will be great!!

    So funny...that's just what Kevin said to me last night: "Well, a bad dress rehearsal means a great performance." Let's hope they are right!! ;D

    Good luck! We'll think of you, and you think of us!

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    DefaultRe: Do I dare say it?

    I applaud you for showing. Ruger's not ready yet. I really need to get back working him on Utility. I'm afraid I've been lazy (and doing too many other things) lately.

    Sending you positive energy that Murray will get that Q with a good score too! I hope your daughter and Essy finish up their RN as well. Good Luck!!!

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    DefaultRe: Do I dare say it?

    Good Luck to you and your daughter.

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    DefaultRe: Do I dare say it?

    Good luck to all!! Have a great tiem!
    "In moments of joy all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag." W. H. Auden

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