day 1 agility/ob or "I should have stayed in bed"
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Thread: day 1 agility/ob or "I should have stayed in bed"

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    Defaultday 1 agility/ob or "I should have stayed in bed"

    The weather forecasters said to expect rain in the high country today so of course I woke up to pouring rain here in the valley.* :

    My daughter and I went to the agility site first to check on everything.* We found a river running thru our setup and Murray's crate.* >* It was pouring buckets by this time so they actually delayed the start of the trial. (That's the first time I've ever had that happen.)* This was Lab weather if I've ever seen it. I found my friend with the cell phone who was going to keep in touch with me.

    We left there for the obedience match 30 min to the south.* We got there and it wasn't raining. Hurray! Apparently the storm was heading north towards agility of course. Boo!* I checked everybody in and they were immediately calling my daughter for Novice.* I got to watch them do a beautiful run.* My cell phone rang and it was my friend at the agility trial.* The trial had finally started.* OK so far so good.* I waited an hr for my turn in Utility.

    Murray's heeling was very nice.* He stood for signals and I walked to the other end of the ring. As I'm walking I realize something is in my back pocket.* My brain says "What is that?* * Crap!* I have my cell phone in the ring!" I say a quick prayer that the phone doesn't ring and turn to face Murray. The judge gave the down signal and Murray decided that was the perfect time to check out the cutie in the Novice ring to his right.* >* I waited an eternity before I finally had to yell "MURRAY!" to get him to look back at me.* He did the rest of the signals fine including the recall.* * I was worried about articles because the ground was wet but he had absolutely no issue.* We were setting up for gloves when my cell rang.* :-[* The judge was very kind and said "do you need to get that?" I said yes and gave a quick explanation.* I answered the phone and my friend said "Novice jumpers were walking the course."* Crap.* I've missed the walk thru.* Oh well.* Gloves were spot on as was the moving stand.* Murray went out straight and fast for the first go out, turned and sat.* The judge called "high", I signaled, and Murray beelined for...the bar.* >* This is my %&($*@% # agility dog.* He KNOWS how to follow a signal for a jump for Pete's sake.* The judge told me to send him back out.* He tried to take the high on the way out.* I stopped him and tried again.* This time he only went out 1/2 way.* This went on and on ad nauseum.* We finally got 2 go outs and both jumps.* The judge just shook her head.* She said "you've got to wonder what goes thru their mind when they do the first go out perfectly then act like they've never heard that command before."

    I kiss my daughter good bye (she's staying with a training buddy) and I beeline back to agility.* I reach the trial site just a Novice Jumpers is finishing.* :* Perfect.* Now they will run 2 Elite std courses, 2 open, then 2 novice.* I figure I have plenty of time since I'm in Novice so I race back to the obedience site in time to see my daughter's Rally Nov run.* She IPd 2 stations that we were just talking about in the car on the way over.* *:* I'm bummed that I missed the walk thru so I could have fixed the issue then.* The agility site was such a mess that I called my SU to come pick up my daughter.* She's in a cast because she broke her foot and I didn't want her in the mud and water or risk falling slipping and falling.* I wait for him to show up then head back to agility.* As I'm driving it dawns on me that I'm in OPEN std, not Novice.* Crapola!* I'm going to miss another class.

    I drive up to the agility site, grab Murray and run for the ring just as they are calling us to be on deck.* ** I haven't even seen the course.* I watch intently as the dog in front of us runs...incorrectly.* Perfect.* I wouldn't have expected less.* We're on the line.* We take the first 7 obstacles without issue including a tunnel/A-frame discrimination.* We're to the weaves before Murray suddenly decides now is the time to stop and smell the roses (actually mud).* : I finally get him thru the weaves (after 3 tries) and we finish the course.* I'm bummed but not surprised.* I tell Murray if he pays attention on the next course he will get cheese. They set the next course and I get to calmly walk it and warm up Murray. Wow.* What a concept.* I watch as the person in front of me bites it in a corner.* He slips and falls into a huge mud puddle.* He gets up (nothing injured but his pride) and he is covered from head to toe in mud.* I tried really hard not to laugh because I was secretly worried I could be next.* *:-X* It's our turn.* Murray is on.* He's paying close attention to me and my directional changes.* We still manage to NQ for 2 dropped bars and a missed contact during the distance gamble (yes NADAC has a required gamble in their std course) but I was extremely pleased that I had Murray's undivided attention.*

    We run back to the setup and Murray gets his cheese.* I'm looking at the mud that is everywhere and on everything (including my HOW did it get on my chair? I haven't even set in the chair yet).* I put Murray in his wet crate and start deciding what things I'm taking home to clean up.* I load up everything in the truck and go back to get Murray.* As we are walking to the truck he is literally jumping in and out of puddles like a 3 yr old.* As I walked by one person I heard a snicker and the comment "typical Lab". Yes he is.* Thanks for noticing.* ;D

    Oh my daughter didn't get any scores today.* This was a fun match.* It said on the premium that you could use treats, training collars, etc in the ring.* I told my daughter to make this as much like a real trial as possible.* No luring with treats, no double commands. My daughter only gave Essy a treat between exercises in Novice and the judge NQd them on every exercise.* >* She gave Essy a treat as they were entering the ring for Rally so the judge NQd them for that as well.* I reminded the judge this was a fun match and treats were allowed.* He said "they aren't allowed in a real trial so I NQd for that."* *Made a note to never show to these 2 judges at fun matches again.

    I'm hoping tomorrow is better.* Tomorrow's obedience match is sanctioned so there will be no treats and we better get scored.* I'm making agility a priority tomorrow too since the obedience match is sanction and I couldn't correct any errors anyway.

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    DefaultRe: day 1 agility/ob or "I should have stayed in bed"

    You are a brave soul to go to two events at two different place on the same day. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

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    DefaultRe: day 1 agility/ob or "I should have stayed in bed"

    Wow! I am just exhausted hearing about all that!

    Your judge sounds like she was very nice. Your daughter's judge sounds like he was a complete asshat. :P

    Love your stories...I always feel like I was right there! Hope everything goes well today!

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    DefaultRe: day 1 agility/ob or "I should have stayed in bed"

    I agree, I need a nap after reading about your day!!

    I would be a total wreck.*

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    DefaultRe: day 1 agility/ob or "I should have stayed in bed"

    Wow..I'm exhausted too..I have enough problems running one dog in a trial

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    DefaultRe: day 1 agility/ob or "I should have stayed in bed"

    WOW! You have more energy that I do! I don't think I'd do two events in one day either!
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    DefaultRe: day 1 agility/ob or "I should have stayed in bed"

    I don't know how you even attempted this. I think your a certified NUT. But, it sounds like you managed to pull it off and have a good time too. That sux that they NQ'd your daughter for the treats.


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