First Agility Trial....
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Thread: First Agility Trial....

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    DefaultFirst Agility Trial....

    I entered Zeke in his first agility trial for Nov 11 & 12 . He still has trouble with "Zoomies" but I'm working on it (for those of you who remember his Rally Match zoomies, I think since Agility is more exciting to him I may have a bit less trouble with him getting bored and deciding to play). I decided I can't just keep putting it off....

    Plus, this trial is a REAL fence around the ring....he can't "zoom" out of the ring (hopefully). That was the deal-clencher on whether or not I should try it, haha.

    I don't expect ANY Qs from that weekend, but I needed to start sometime....I've been putting off trialing for over a year because I am too nervous to try :P

    PS. Its NADAC and not AKC, I couldn't find AKC with a real fence : :P
    Zeke RN, agility miscreant and CGC failure

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    DefaultRe: First Agility Trial....

    Go and have FUN. That is the most important part. And don't worry if he gets the zoomies or leaves the ring, it happens more often than you can imagine.

    Magnum had an issue with leaving the ring. I had to get really creative and run my courses so that I was between her and the outside of the ring gating. It was difficult but it forced her to stay in the ring. She eventually outgrew this problem and really enjoyed running with me.

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    DefaultRe: First Agility Trial....

    Have fun...even excellent dogs will sometimes run out of the ring...


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