Rally class last night
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    DefaultRally class last night

    Maybe it's too early to tell, but I think I am going to become seriously addicted to Rally. This was only our second class but it was so much fun. We worked on the moving down, and some of the come fronts and finish left and rights. I still don't have all that straight, but I'm studying the signs and trying to visualize what they want me to do.

    Last night was fun because there were a few times when I looked at Sam, and I could see he looked happy and like he liked what he was doing, (he was actually FRISKY a time or two, instead of just basically doing what I asked, like he does in obedience) and it just felt like we were in sync. Even tho we were just learning something, not performing it well. I keep reading that one of the things a judge looks for is a feeling of teamwork between the dog and the handler, and last night was my first tiny little glimmer of maybe what that means!

    And I've given up the treat bag. I bought a couple of tunic/smock/scrub type tops that have two big hip pockets.


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    DefaultRe: Rally class last night

    That's great!

    I love Rally. I like the fact that, like agility, it is a different course every single time you go out there. Some traditional obedience people HATE that fact about it though. They like the world of repitition and sameness, not the unknown.

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    DefaultRe: Rally class last night

    Rally is fun..glad you are both enjoying it


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