Has anyone heard of this trainer?
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Thread: Has anyone heard of this trainer?

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    DefaultHas anyone heard of this trainer?

    My obedience instructor had told us that she had invited a lady to come and work with us on advanced obedience. We met her this weekend at the show. She seems very nice and has trained multiple breeds of dogs for obdience using almost all positive meithods. Her name is Anne Standen and she is from North Carolina.. Funny thing - on Friday while we were setting up for the show, I had Emilu there to "get used to stuff", and this lady and her friend came over to us and fussed over Emilu, saying that they loved labs. Then after we showed today, I happend to see her again (without Emilu) and she remembered me and asked how we did. I then found out that this was Anne. Seems like a very nice, knowledgeble person. Does anyone know anything about her? You can PM me if you want to. We are supposed to meet with her sometime in January.

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    DefaultRe: Has anyone heard of this trainer?

    I can check with my instructor if you would like. Mike and Linda know about everyone who is in that level of training/competition.
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