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Thread: Eureka!!

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    I feel like I've just had a really good idea!!! ;D

    OK, you know what a hard time Angus has been having with the sits and downs. Well, it occurred to me tonight...duh...why not practice with Simon? You know, to help recreate the situation of having another dog beside you.

    I don't know why I didn't think of this before!

    I tried it just now. Omigosh. Simon may actually help me teach Angus! Simon is a ROCK. I mean, a statue. He does not move. Not even a muscle. I think he stops breathing and doesn't blink. Seriously, it's hilarious. It's like that game you played as a kid, where you say "FREEZE!"

    So I set them up together, and Simon is doing his best impression of an inanimate object. Angus is doing the usual thing he does in group stays: Looking at the other dog like, "Come on. Let's make a break for it."

    Simon completely ignored Angus...would not even make eye contact.

    I thought it went very well, and I think maybe this would be a good way to help recreate the environment, you know? If he gets used to staying beside Simon, maybe it will click that he is supposed to do that when there is another dog beside him. Whaddya think?

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    DefaultRe: Eureka!!

    Absolutely. Great training aid.

    Eiderdowns That's My Buddy
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    DefaultRe: Eureka!!

    Great idea.

    When Ruger was a wee pup, I'd have to put him in a down stay while I worked with Magnum. Often times I'd completely forget about him and realize ten or 15 minutes later that he was still in that stay and I'd go over and release him. Doing that all the time when he was young made him rock solid on sits and downs in the obedience ring. I never really worried about him... and he only ever broke the sit twice.. once it was an outdoor show and he was broiling in the sun so he laid down (and I figured he would) and another time Monnie's Buddy made a break for it and went right over to Ruger and told him to "come on kid". The judge allowed me to do the exercise over but since I had NQ'd before the sits and downs I passed on it

    Keep up the great training!

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    DefaultRe: Eureka!!

    Just make sure that later on you train with dog(s) that break their stays or any other ringside distraction you can think of. Pulling a squeeking cart behind them. Folding Chairs being knocked over by them. Papers being blown by them on a windy day. Barbaqueing upwind of them. A bitch in heat near by. Kids running behind them. Dumbbells landing in the ring near them thrown from the Open ring. Canapoy's flying past them (really windy days). Practice in the sun with shade real close (some dogs will move over to the shade). Rain etc..


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