What is a "C" match?
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Thread: What is a "C" match?

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    DefaultWhat is a "C" match?

    I got the premium for the show that I am entered in next weekend and it says there will be a "C" match immedieatly following the end of the show (obedience and rallly). Is this like a fun match? I couldn't find anything on the AKC site about C matches.

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    DefaultRe: What is a "C" match?

    I think it is alot like a fun run or a training session.

    Section 1. Approval. Approval for Plan OC Matches
    is granted to All-Breed Clubs, Specialty Obedience
    Clubs or Obedience Clubs. Since the similarities
    between an OC Match and the standard training classes
    given by an American Kennel Club approved dog club to
    both members and non-members are so intertwined,
    there is no requirement for pre-approval by the
    American Kennel Club, written or otherwise, for a club
    to sponsor a Plan OC Match.
    Section 2. Match Secretary. For a Plan OC
    Match, the sponsoring club should designate a Match
    Secretary, who may or may not be a member of the club,
    but for the purpose of the OC Match, shall represent
    the club and shall have similar duties to those of a Trial
    Section 3. Premium Lists. Premium Lists are
    not required for Plan OC Matches, but any flyer or
    handbill should contain all the information that a
    prospective exhibitor would require when entering the
    Section 4. Closing Of Entries. Entries may close at
    any time prior to the match or on the day of the match.
    Under no circumstances may entries be accepted after
    specified closing date and time.
    Section 5. Judges Books. Judges Books may be
    provided, but are not required.
    Section 6. Catalogs. Due to the informal training
    class nature of a Plan OC Match, a catalog is not
    Section 7. Classes. Any of the regular or nonregular
    classes may be offered. In addition, “runthroughs”
    may be offered where the exhibitor may do
    all or part of the total exercises from a given class, or
    the sponsoring club may allow a specific amount of
    “ring time” desired by the exhibitor. The sponsoring
    club may delay second “run-throughs” until all first
    - 14 -
    “run-throughs” in a class have been completed. The
    maximum number of times to be able to repeat an
    exercise or to repeat a “run-through” shall be set by the
    sponsoring club. The fee for participation, whether it is
    a complete class participation including all of the
    exercises, or part of the exercises in a class, or
    additional “run-throughs” or a specified amount of
    “ring-time” desired by the exhibitor, shall be set by the
    sponsoring club. Corrections shall be limited to verbal
    corrections, or gently guiding the dog. At the option of
    the sponsoring club, food and/or toys may be allowed in
    the ring.
    Section 8. Match Report. A Match Report to The
    American Kennel Club is only required in cases where
    there is a need to report unusual circumstances, such
    as conduct prejudicial to the best interests of the sport
    by anyone present at the match.


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