Are You Revengeful?
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Thread: Are You Revengeful?

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    DefaultAre You Revengeful?

    Sometimes I wonder if it's something about me...

    To make a long story short, for reasons unknown (but speculated) the "matriarch" of our local agility club has "shunned" me. I have worked hard for this club for the past three years. I have taught classes there and always pitched in at the shows to help set up before the show and worked the entire weekend of the show in various capacities (ring crew, gate, scribe, timer, leash runner, etc).

    I had already filled out my entry and was going to mail it in this week, but tonight I figured, the heck with this, and I made a new copy of the entry form and filled it out and did NOT volunteer to work. I've just had it. Can't really say it's revenge, but I feel a bit put out, and I guess I'm tired of being sweet and nice when I have a knife stuck in my back... and someone is still turning that knife.

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    DefaultRe: Are You Revengeful?

    I don't think that's revengeful. More like a sin of omission rather than comission (and I bet you end up helping anyways cuz you'll see they need something and you'll just do it) Sorry this has happened. Aren't people just great sometimes? :-\

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    DefaultRe: Are You Revengeful?

    I hear ya. I don't think it's revengeful. You are just not getting the positive reinforcement you should, so as a result you're not motivated to work. :P I have been feeling a little bit that way lately too in life, and have been thinking I am not so different than a dog in that way. Give me a treat and a pat on the back and I'll follow you anywhere. Treat me unkindly, and I will not be jumping through any hoops for you. It's pretty simple. You would think a dog person would have a better grasp of this!

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    DefaultRe: Are You Revengeful?

    I don't think it is revengful, either. One just gets tired after a while. Why not just go have fun with your dogs?
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    DefaultRe: Are You Revengeful?

    Not revengeful in the least. I'm the same way. I'll do anything for you, but don't screw around with me.

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