Started back in classes last night, wow!
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Thread: Started back in classes last night, wow!

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    DefaultStarted back in classes last night, wow!

    Hi everyone

    After a 1 year hiatus for surgery on her knee, Scout and I are back at classes.* We're in an advanced obedience class, and everyone there is preparing to trial their dog.

    It was always my goal to do this with Scout and registration was a couple of weeks ago, so this wasn't a spur of the moment thing - to register for an advanced class.* But to be honest, I almost couldn't think last night I was so nervous.* The other people there KNOW what they're doing, I was walking around in the healing exercise wondering "do they know I'm clueless, I've never trialed a dog, and I want to make a run for the door.* Does it show?"

    Scout was far better than me, she hasn't forgotten a thing!* Yea Scout!* I was the weak part of our team.

    But I'm not going to bolt for the door, or quit, and I'll be reading here lots and posting questions every once in a while to get your help.* I spent time last night reading the most recent threads in this section and I already know one of my mistakes that will make a huge difference.* Scout watches me from her peripheral vision and I was saying "watch me" to get her eyes up to mine.* She got ahead and slightly in front so she could do that and then when we stopped, she wasn't sitting straight.* So I was throwing us off there, not her.

    I couldn't be happier with the class we were put in - there's 6 of us in total.* As I said the others are all more experienced than me, but that's probably the best scenario for Scout and I.* Nice group of people and dogs who are focused to train, but also very friendly.

    I'll let you know how it's going as we progress!

    Judith and Scout* *

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    DefaultRe: Started back in classes last night, wow!

    Sounds like a great class. Enjoy'll feel right at home soon enough. Dogs are amazing though in how they remember. I took my boy to his first training in a long while and they had Mock Obedience trial night (everyone told me to stay even though I felt he wasn't ready for it) and he did OK. He wouldn't have passed a trial but he didn't look foolish either...LOL (or make ME look foolish).

    Good luck!!!

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    DefaultRe: Started back in classes last night, wow!

    It sounds like you had a great time. Don't worry about being the newbie. Everyone else was the newbie at one time or another too. As an experienced competitor I love having new people in class to go over my dog because they are a "stranger" to him and having "strange" dogs in class is good for groups. I enjoy helping others (even those more experienced than me) figure out ways to fix issues that crop up from time to time. No one knows it all so don't feel inferior. You've got just as much to contribute as they do. ;D

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    DefaultRe: Started back in classes last night, wow!

    You will soon get back into the swing of things. Keep at it. Competing is a great deal of fun, and you will soon be out there at the trial too

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    DefaultRe: Started back in classes last night, wow!

    Sounds good! Have fun!


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