A very full schedule tomorrow.
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Thread: A very full schedule tomorrow.

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    DefaultA very full schedule tomorrow.

    Tomorrow is our last match before show season starts (next Sat). Tomorrow my daughter will be showing Essy in Nov A obedience, Rally Novice A, and trying for the CGC. I will show Murray in Utility A and cheer on my daughter. Then in the afternoon, my daughter and I will be attending a Rally stewarding seminar. It's going to be a full day to say the least.

    We just received our show schedule for next weekend. My daughter shows at 11:15 (RNA) and I will show at 11:55 (UA) both days. That should be interesting. Just look for the blonde with the crazed look in her eyes running from ring to ring with a camera. ;D Actually I was kind of excited we were both showing later (thought we could sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast at the hotel) until I realized that Labs are showing in conformation at 8 both days. I've got to be there to cheer on my training buddies.

    Oh yeah, and just to top things off, all the classes start next week. My daughter has agility on Mon, baton on Wed, and violin on Thurs. I have agility on Wed after her baton class. That just leaves Tues and Fri to train before the show. Yikes!!!

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    DefaultRe: A very full schedule tomorrow.

    Wow! You are really burning the leash at both ends, aren't you?

    I was thinking something similar the other day...my schedule's not as full as yours, but September is definitely looking like it's going to the dogs, literally. :P October too. Something every weekend!

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    DefaultRe: A very full schedule tomorrow.

    WHOO HOO! First Utility A entry!!! Yep, it'll be busy but fun. Do well, both of you! We don't have any matches around here just run-thrus. Problem is since I now own the training center, I can't get to any of the run thrus!!! So, we just work extra hard and we'll see how we do in our first show the end of September.

    Lydia, do well!! Your daughter will do great in Rally. Oh, Labs usually do show at 8 am--another reason I like obedience, I usually don't have to show quite as early!
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    DefaultRe: A very full schedule tomorrow.

    Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: A very full schedule tomorrow.

    good luck and have fun


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