Match results from this weekend
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Thread: Match results from this weekend

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    DefaultMatch results from this weekend

    We found out Fri night that there was another match up north this weekend so I scrapped all my weekend plans, packed the truck and headed north.

    Essy and my daughter were AWESOME this weekend.* What a difference a week makes!*

    They finished with a 188 in Nov A obedience.* Meghan had Essy's full attention for heeling, even the off lead portion.* ;D* The judge told her she was very impressed that a young girl and young dog could do so well.* She told her to work on the transitions more (normal to slow and back to normal, normal to fast and back, and halts) because she changes too abruptly so Essy is caught by surprise.* They did not give placements for obedience because they were allowed treats, toys, and training in the ring but Meghan did their run like it was official (no treats or toys).* ;D

    Then they went into Rally.* They scored a perfect 100 and had a 3 way tie for 1st.* They finished with 2nd place due to time (first was 1:01, second was 1:16, third was 1:18).* They did not split the Rally class by A&B so the first and third place dogs were actually B level Rally dogs that are currently competing in Utility A with me.* Needless to say I was very proud of my girls.* ;D*

    I was also pleased with Murray's Utility run again.* His heeling, signals, moving stand, and gloves were fantastic.* His first article was perfect.* He did not get the 2nd article correctly.* The articles were too close together so he picked up one that was right next to the correct one (only 2" away).* ** The first go out was perfect.* He took the HJ no problem.* The second go out he stopped short so I made him go all the way out.* I signaled the bar jump but he took the HJ again instead of the bar.* :-\ That hasn't happened before.* I sent him back out again and once again he didn't take the bar but instead came back down the middle.* I finally showed him the BJ (walked over and touched it) and he took it.* It's weird because the 2 dogs that were in front of us also did not take the bar jump.* I just wonder if they couldn't see it?* I didn't see any other runs besides those 2 because I was helping Meghan get ready for her classes but I'd be curious to know if any other dogs did it correctly the first time.* Anyway, I'm still planning on entering him in Utility next month.* Even though he's still green, he doesn't stress in the ring and he loves all of the exercises so I figure what have I got to lose?

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    DefaultRe: Match results from this weekend

    That is great!
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    DefaultRe: Match results from this weekend

    Sounds like you all had a productive and fun weekend. WTG.
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    DefaultRe: Match results from this weekend

    Oh man, Lydia, it sure sounds like your daughter and Essy ROCKED this weekend!!! Nice job to both of them, what a team!!! Of course, with you as their "coach" they have to be great

    Murray, Murray, Murray... what's mom gonna do with you boy? Hey, it sounds like he had a respectable run. Now you just have a few more glitches to iron out.

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    DefaultRe: Match results from this weekend


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