Buying agility equipment?
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Thread: Buying agility equipment?

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    DefaultBuying agility equipment?

    Hi all,

    It's been a while since I've ventured a post over here Due to my work schedule I've just been looking for more activities that help Jake burn some energy in the time we have before it gets dark, but that still work his brain really hard. Asking him to work on heeling when he's been inside all day and we only have an hour to play just didn't seem fair (or productive ) A dog park by us has some agility equipment and he is just bonkers for it so I'd like to get some of our own stuff for the yard.

    At the park there are A-frames, tunnels, tire jumps, regular jumps and a pause table. We only do the a-frames and tunnels.

    What would you reccommend I purchase? The weave polls aren't until the higher levels in AKC right? Would that be a good thing to start working on them anyway? Should I get the polls in the base, or without the base so I can tilt them and move them farther apart to train with? Would a see-saw be a realistic purchase? It doesn't look like I can afford a chute, unless anyone knows where I could get a closed chute for around $50-$75, if I want to get the weave polls and maybe a see-saw too. What stores or retailers have good equipment that will last?

    We would do a class if we could, but all the ones near me are early evening, or days I work. I've looked at and JandJ Dog Supply, and a few e-bay retailers. Any suggestions or product testimonials would be greatly appreciated!


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    DefaultRe: Buying agility equipment?

    You can make jumps and weaves out of PVC very inexpensively. You can also make the tire jump out of PVC, use drainage ditch pipe for the tire and tape it together with duct tape, works very well.

    I built my dog walk, A-frame and teeter. Again, if you have a hammer and saw and some nails you can make all of this equipment to practice on at home.

    The only thing I have purchased are the tunnels... both the open and closed tunnel. They can be expensive, but they do last. My current open tunnel has been in my field, outside, for five years now... it's beginning to show some wear and tear and I'm going to replace it with a newer one soon.

    Have fun!

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    DefaultRe: Buying agility equipment?

    Quote Originally Posted by yellojakesmom
    The weave polls aren't until the higher levels in AKC right?
    Nope...they start in Novice.

    I agree with Linda. You can make almost everything yourself very inexpensively. Also, instead of building an A-frame and a dog walk, you can make something called a contact trainer. Here is a link to what it looks like.

    Also, there is a wonderful Yahoo forum for building your own equipment. There are lots of plans and lots of people to bounce ideas off of. Here is a link.


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