Our Wags for Wishes experience (long)
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Thread: Our Wags for Wishes experience (long)

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    DefaultOur Wags for Wishes experience (long)

    We are finally back from Wags for Wishes.* We had a great time.* The weather was nice (although extremely humid), the facility was incredible, and the people were positively wonderful.* We didn’t have as good a showing as I had hoped for but I'm still glad we went.* We were hoping to finish 2 agility titles plus our ASCA CDX.*

    It wasn’t pretty but we did manage to finish our ASCA CDX.* We were working on a 190.5 on Fri but Murray decided to go down on the sit just as I stepped foot back in the ring for a big fat 0 and an NQ. I decided to hose Murray down on Sat and Sun and that seemed to help considerably.* Sat, Murray took silly pills and was quite the cut up in the ring (several people said they loved his attitude…I was not one of them* : ). He was doing auto finishes.* When he wasn’t auto finishing, he would just stand in front, no sit.* That was new. The boy was full of surprises.* For the ROF, he brought the DB back holding on to the bell.* Since he didn’t have a really good grip, he decided to wedge it between his mouth and my knees while he just stood there.* :* The judge was really nice.* She gave him a lot of time to sit but he never did.* Then on the ROH, Murray dropped the DB as he jumped back.* No problem, he knows to pick up the DB w/o a 2nd command.* Unfortunately, he had a major brain fart this time so instead of picking it up and fronting, he laid down and decided to gnaw on it!!!!* He made sure not to make eye contact with me.* It’s a good thing because I had daggers shooting out of my eyes.* > Again, the judge waited hoping Murray’s brain would reengage but it didn’t.* She told me if I could reach the DB, we would still pass.* I could reach it but the chewing cost us 10 pts on just that one exercise. Woohoo...we received a 172.5 and our 2nd leg..* Sun, Murray was acting more himself but we were extremely busy.* In the hour between 9 – 10 am, we walked 1 agility course, did sits/downs, walked a 2nd agility course, ran the 1st agility course, ran the 2nd agility course then did our individual exercises.* Needless to say, Murray was more than a little pooped by the time individuals rolled around.* The judge told me Murray was very laggy on the heeling pattern.* I said “well considering we just ran 2 agility courses, then ran across the complex to get into the obedience ring, I’m just happy he’s heeling at all.” We finished with a 188.5, 3rd place, and our title.* I stewarded on Fri and was pleasantly surprised by the level of the Nov A dogs and very distressed by the lack of knowledge of the Nov B handlers. I couldn’t believe the handling mistakes they were making like giving a verbal AND a signal at the same time as well as patting their leg or whistling to keep the dog in heel position. I kept thinking "am I watching Rally or obedience?" All I can say is Wow.* The Open/Utilitylevel dogs/handlers were great.* There were 2 scores of 198 during the weekend.* They were a thing of beauty.

    Agility was a complete bust.* Murray checked out on every run.* He was very distracted.* I had been concerned about competing at all because he had a soft tissue injury to his left front shoulder on Mon but I rested him all week in hopes that he’d be OK by the weekend..* The injury disappeared once he hit the agility ring.* He broke his start line stay every time.* On Fri he went flying thru the tire then around a jump.* He was too far ahead of me so I yelled so he back jumped, then he flew off the teeter, etc, etc. He was just an out of control maniac.* It went this same way all weekend.* I was getting madder by the minute.* Each time I’d get mad and yell at him, he’d settle down and finish the courses beautifully but the damage was done by that time.* We had no Qs out of 6 runs.* Unbelievable.* :

    There were lots of activities going on besides agility and obedience.* They had conformation, dock dogs, herding, fly ball, disc dogs and lure coursing too.* My friend let her Irish Setter try lure coursing.* The dog was crazy insane.* She tried to do agility afterwards but the dog could hear the sound of the lure course so she jumped the fence of the agility ring and ran to the lure course.* My friend was POd so she gave her Sat & Sun lure coursing tickets to me.* Now I’m thinking a Lab can’t be much of a luring dog.* I really didn’t think Murray had any prey drive.* Boy was I ever wrong. The first game we tried on Sat was lure-a-course.* This is a lure course with agility equipment.* As soon as Murray saw that lure, I could barely contain him.* He took off like a greyhound running, jumping, turning.* He leaped OVER the entire tunnel length and he jumped OVER the tire instead of going thru it.* He was having a blast.* I have some pictures that the photographer took but I haven't had time to resize them yet.* I'll post them later this week. The other tickets were for Sun open lure.* This is more like a greyhound track…a big oval.* I wasn’t sure Murray would do this since it was in such a wide open space but he loved it.* He ran 3 times and was out of control between runs.* He was barking and leaping and tearing at the fence while waiting for his turn.* I had to walk him away between runs because I was afraid he’d break another one of my fingers or worse…my arm.* A Rottie managed to catch the lure.* He shredded it, destroyed the course (needed to be rebuilt) and came trotting back to his owner as proud as a peacock with his prized position in his mouth (the lure) followed closely by the lure line.* It was hysterical and very much a typical Rottie. The crowd loved it but the ower was embarrassed.

    We also did dock dogs on Sat.* Murray is even crazier at dock dogs, if you can believe that.* He didn’t want to wait his turn for the warm up jumps and he was barking his dang head off and yanking me around trying to get to the water (even tried to jump over the side into the pool).* When it came time to do our official jumps, he pulled me off my feet and dragged me up the metal stairs on my back to the dock.* I have bruises all over my body. So much for my obedience dog.* : He wouldn’t stay so I could lead out to the end of the dock so I ended up throwing the ball from the far end.* It worked out well though.* He jumped 16’11”.* I didn’t have time (or patience) to stick around to see if we placed though.* I’ll check the website in a few days.

    This was a great event and 100% of the proceeds go to Make A Wish so if you ever have the opportunity to go, please do. It is run entirely by community volunteers so if you have some free time, volunteer.* It's so worth it.

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    DefaultRe: Our Wags for Wishes experience (long)

    He and Caleb must have been talking--when Caleb gets stressed in the ring he'll start to chew on his db!!! Sorry about that, I'll have a talk with Caleb!

    Anyway, congrats on the new CDX. Glad to hear you were able to compete. Don't you just love their creativity?! :
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    DefaultRe: Our Wags for Wishes experience (long)

    Lydia, I love the long version even more than the short version in LC!

    instead of picking it up and fronting, he laid down and decided to gnaw on it!!!!* He made sure not to make eye contact with me.
    HAHAHA! Ohhh, Murray, you rascal!

    He leaped OVER the entire tunnel length and he jumped OVER the tire instead of going thru it.
    MURRAY! hahahaha!

    When it came time to do our official jumps, he pulled me off my feet and dragged me up the metal stairs on my back to the dock.* I have bruises all over my body. So much for my obedience dog.

    Oh, I'm sorry to laugh, but man, is Murray ever hysterical! Of course, I am only laughing because it wasn't Angus. I'll just bet he was the crowd favorite by a landslide! :P

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    DefaultRe: Our Wags for Wishes experience (long)

    I've been waiting for an update. WOW, what a weekend for you guys. So glad you had a great time. Murray is such a cut up at times... I can just see you "starring daggers" at him! So sorry he dragged you up those stairs, I'm wincing thinking of your broken finger too!!!

    Bummer about the agility, but I wouldn't be too upset with it. The overall experience is well worth it!!!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post. I hope you placed in Dock Dogs, let us know

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    DefaultRe: Our Wags for Wishes experience (long)

    Wow, that is a GREAT story!!! I could imagine every wonderful, humiliating moment. I think Theo and Murray are soulmates. Pranksters, those boys.

    Congrats on the CDX. You did a LOT with him in one weekend!


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