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    Honestly, all I ask is that the little tart try...

    We did obedience run throughs this am and she did some seriously phenomenal heeling, and then all of a sudden...NO WAY was she doing sits and downs. I'd sit her, she'd lay, I'd down her, she'd sit...It was darned hot out there, but really. I think it is all the sits/downs proofing gone awry...we proofed under sprinklers yesterday.

    We didn't get in to the tracking test in Chicago. Back to the drawing board on that one. I am sleeping in tomorrow anyways, the Tart does not get to track after such an awful production at obedience class.

    Oh, and she ate the tops off a full case of bottled water this morning while I was in the shower...

    I'll start the bidding at $50- for a goofy little yeller lady. Takers?

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    DefaultRe: RUBY RUBY RUBY

    What a silly girl!

    One thing falls apart, then another. You fix one thing, something else goes crazy. Hang in there, she will do it.

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    DefaultRe: RUBY RUBY RUBY

    Hang in there. It will come together eventually then the heavens will open up and the light will stream down and birds will sing, etc. Honestly, there are many days I think "why do I torture myself like this." ;D

    Here is a helpful hint for sits/downs during hot days. I throughly wet Murray's head and neck as well as his armpits and tummy. The idea is to keep the brain cool since that's what I need to have functioning during sits/downs. I do not wet down the entire body because I've seen dogs start itching as droplets run down their backs. I also keep a cool coat on Murray that I do not take off until just before we go back into the ring for sits/downs.

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    DefaultRe: RUBY RUBY RUBY

    ;D ;D What a hoot about the bottles of water!!!

    Sorry about the run thrus, but it will click one day.

    I know tracking tests can be really hard to get into.

    Keep up the good work!!!
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