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    Maddie and I have been competing in agility for less than a year. She has earned novice jumpers and standard titles in both NADAC and AKC. At home she weaves in the weave poles perfectly. She can do 6 or 12 no problem. Not when we are competing. In Open you only get one refusal. We always have to save it for the weave poles. She pops out at #10. Yesterday for the first time ever, she completed all twelve weave poles perfectly-no pop outs. Out of four runs this weekend. We earned two legs in Open Jumpers with a 1st and 3rd place finish and a leg in Open Standard with a 2nd place finish. Now she did it once, I know she can do it again. We only need one more leg in Standard and Jumpers to move on to Excellent. Agility has totally changed my life. It has forced me to be more social, take more chances, and rely on myself and my intuition. I take chances. Working with, training and competing with Maddie gives me great joy.

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    Awesome! I know what you mean about backyard agility. I know Murray would Q every time if we only held trials at our training facility. We were also having weave issues in trials for awhile. I'm not sure what happened but they fixed themselves one day. I think it was watching all the BCs in class. Murray wanted to show me he could do it too.

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    congrats to you both..sounds like you are both doing very well


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