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    DefaultGoing Live March 19

    As some of you know our local paper is starting a pet page on their on-line edition. Part of it is going to be a blog and that I have been asked to be the dog trainer involved. This past Monday I had my phone conference with the head of the section and today I published my first article. I have two more waiting for Jim to double check. Anyway, in the course of the converstion he said that not only do I need to answer questions but that I can write for the section, too!!!! Now, I spent a year and a half in journalism when I was in college and I have to admit I thought I would never really write again! I can't believe it! And to write about something I love! I basically have no limits on what I can write on! WHOO HOO!

    So, any suggestions are welcomed. I have one on pet safety in cars and another on how to pick a puppy. I did a breif one on how we need to fund local rescues and not the political ones.

    The site is
    http://pets.ohio.com/ You can write comments and aske questions. The official kick off date is March 19. Just what I needed, was something else to do, but I think I might be in a position to be able to give another voice in a world that seems to be turning against us.
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    Congrats Susan! That's awesome!

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    That will be neat


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