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    DefaultNice Act of Kindness!

    Being new to the area, I don't know of many areas to get training for my buddy. So taking what I have learned, and going with it. I did a bit of research, and found this place that does training for obedience, and lots of other things. They also do the TDI testing every other month there. I gave the woman a call. Told her I have a show coming up in 2 wks, and if all else fails, might need to come see her after the show to fine tune some things. Yet that I was also interested in taking the TDI test.

    So we get into talking, and she says to me, why wait till after the show, why don't you come over today. I am a judge, and I can at least put you through a trial run, and see where you need work, before you go into the ring. OMG, I was psyched!!! So I drive the hour distance (there is nothing closer )I get there, and she really gave me a lot of pointers. I have a bit of work to do, but she said that if she were to grade me, we probably would of qualified. She said of course this was one on one, and no other distractions or dogs around. She gave me a few pointers on what to do before getting into the ring to get his crazys out. I was so excited.

    Best yet, she didn't charge me a dime!!!! She also said that she is willing to work with me this week, and anytime up to the competition. She charges $25 an hour, which I didn't think was horrible. So that was my good news of the day!! Really made me happy!

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    Sounds like you may have found a nice instructor. Hope the pointers she gave you will help out in the rings. Good luck and keep us posted.

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