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    My agility instructor is running a series of games for the next sessino of classes, a different game each week. Last week we did a pairs course. My class consists of 5 BCs, 1 Sheltie, 1 Irish Setter, and Murray. They paired Murray with the Irish. We called them "Good Sports" since all the other dogs were herding dogs. ;D

    Anyway, I haven't run pairs before. I stupidly thought "so what's the big deal?"

    My friend ran her Irish for the first half of the course, handed the baton to me, THEN I realized what the big deal was. Murray would not leave the %&#*@$ baton alone. He thought it was a toy and this was some fun new game of keep away. He kept leaping into the air trying to get it. He'd take a jump and instead of staying on my right, for example, he'd cross in front of me so he could try to get the baton out of my left hand. ARGGG!!! He almost killed me. I was so glad when that game was over.

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    I ran Ruger in pairs at our last Fall trial. He had to jump 26" (we normally run Preferred and jump 22"). I told my pairs partner that he'd most likely drop all the bars. But, he ran his half CLEAN and we came in 2nd place (My partner's dog dropped a bar!!!)

    The judge did comment about our pair. We both have yellow labs and they look a lot alike... so they really were a "pair".

    In my agility classes I like to set up side by side short courses, usually jumps in a line with weaves and tunnel, and run 2 dogs side by side. Great distraction training, plus it's fun


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