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    Defaultmood - Is a matter of inheritance ?

    Two years old yellow Lab, obedient, calm, never in panic, never coward or shy ! Never barks!
    Yes he really is. He is always ready to learn and gets so quickly. I never spend many hours of exhausting efforts to teach something. You may shortly comment as "surely.. he is a Lab" but there are two others neighboring my apartment. Both of them are completely different. In shape they are perfect labs but in behavior they are just the opposite!
    What is the reason of this behavioral difference ? Inheritance ?

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    DefaultRe: mood - Is a matter of inheritance ?

    Just like there are different personalities within a family of siblings just so with dogs. Just because they are Labs does not mean that they all will behave the same or have the same temperment. That is why it is just as important to breed for temperment as well as health. Caleb's Mom is a couch potato. His sire loved the field. Caleb and his littermate sister both love to work. Their brother likes the breed ring. Others from his litter are happy house pets. I have known Labs who were dog aggressive. Have even known some that were people aggressive.

    Also, some of it can be the training and the inadvertant training that we all do. Training is so important for all dogs.
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