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    We had our third class on Monday and our topics for the night were to review what we learned the previous two weeks and see how molly and roscoe were coming along. They were both doing great on the loose leash walking, molly sits 100% when asked, Roscoe is iffy (lol). You can get and hold both of their attentions (while it's not long I think it's pretty good for a puppy).

    We had started leave it (and I was already working this command). In class the instructor would toss a toy across the ring and we were to command leave it...Molly went 2 for 5 (lol). Then the fun began we started to work on our downs. Molly decided it was more fun to shove her face under my hand while I was doing my hand signal then to follow the hand/treat down. We tried moving her paws out (she resisted) after 10 minutes she finally got it! We work on this throughout the day now.

    After the downs she decided to start some things from next weeks class. These were recall, and saying hello to another dog. Molly loved recall! We were told to "throw a party" after we got our dogs attention. I must have had one hell of a party going on because Molly came when called each and every time we did it! I was proud As we continued our class we went back to come and Molly came 6 out of 7 times. Roscoe decided it was more fun to leave the ring then to come (silly boy)

    Have I mentioned I love obedeince??
    ~Abby, Molly, and Penny (the honorary lab)

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    DefaultRe: Molly's class story...

    Sounds like Molly is coming along wonderfully. Keep up the good work

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    DefaultRe: Molly's class story...

    Glad you are having fun! I'm with ya--I love obedience, too!!! ;D
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    DefaultRe: Molly's class story...

    Sounds like you are laying a great foundation and having fun!!! Keep up the good work.
    "In moments of joy all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag." W. H. Auden

    Linda, Kona and Bo


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