6 year old pooing and peeing in the house
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Thread: 6 year old pooing and peeing in the house

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    Default6 year old pooing and peeing in the house

    About a year ago I brought home my 5 year old boy. he does have separation anxiety and had this issue when we first got him but then he got much better after some training. He was no longer having accidents in the house. recently him and I went on a road trip and stayed in my home town for two weeks. he seems to enjoy the trip and all the people and puppies he met,but since we've been home (3 weeks ago) he's been having a lot of accidents in the house. every morning I walk him to a park about 20 minutes away,to use the bathroom and run around and then walked 20 minutes back. still everytime I leave even if its just for a short amount of time i come home to poo and pee on the carpet. as mentioned before he does have some separation anxiety but with training and leaving out a Kong with treats and with music playing, I thought we had overcome the issue. He was doing so good. I'm not sure exactly what to do

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    I have the same problem with my dog. I have also watched a lot of training videos but nothing helped. I will soon hire a trainer for her and I hope this will work!

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    This section is probably not the best placement for this question since it is a competition based area (not that there is much action these days here), but I would suggest first to have a good thorough vet exam done to rule out major health issues. I would also crate him when you aren't there. Best of luck. Anne

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