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    DefaultPuppy training classes

    My puppy is now about 4.5 months old. She's learned sit and 'kinda' walk on a leash. She also brings her toys after I throw them as if she was fetching but I haven't actually trained her. Her biting is now less evident but she goes on a 'biting frenzy' once every few days. I want to enroll her in classes but I can't find any that are convincing. Does anyone have any suggestion? I am in Dallas, Texas. I know its a good investment but it would help if its affordable.

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    Check with yours and other local vet offices, many times they can point you in a good direction. Also, your local AKC office and LRC can help.
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    You have the Dallas FW LRC and they have an obedience committee, although they don't list any classes on the site.

    DFWLRC | Dallas-Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Club

    And there is this school.

    Dallas Dog Obedience Training Provided by Top Dog

    I found quite a few choices with a quick search.
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    My suggestion... do the puppy class at petsmart, its mostly for socializing, and learning basic commands with distractions and other dogs around. Sign up soon too because I think the cut off age is 5 months. After the puppy class, then look into other classes and trainers, and decide how you want to train your dog.
    Usually they have a free demo that you can go to, or allow you to observe a class.

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    I got the name of my puppy kindergarten trainer at my vet's office. Todd started when he was 4 months old. I had signed him up for a class before that and the trainer cancelled on me, so I had to scramble to find another. I was going to use Petsmart, but my Vet came through with a name. Petsmart had a much bigger class size, but since Todd was older, I wanted a little more controlled setting with less dogs. Not sure I trusted my clumsy bumble with the cute little 10 week old babies. We have a class of 4 and we love it.
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    I went with the local SPCA's classes for now. It's just a 4 week rolling class, just for socialization and some basic things. He already knows to sit, paw, lay down. Stay and walking on a leash are still a work in progress. I did buy a gentle leader harness becuase he was choking himself on walks no matter how many times I tried to correct him.

    I had signed up for a puppy K class, which was hard to find one that worked for date and time, got a confirmation and went there that day as instructed and nobody showed up, no email, no phone call. Needless to say I'm quite po'd with that trainer and WILL NOT be taking him there. Thankfully I hadn't paid for it yet. I'm thinking after this 4 week class I might sign him up at a store we have here called Especially for Pets. They have lots of choices for dates/times etc.

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