Another APDT Rally weekend
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Thread: Another APDT Rally weekend

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    TalkingAnother APDT Rally weekend

    We spent this weekend in Wadsworth, OH doing APDT rally. We are working toward the ARCHEX championship which requires double Q's with scores of 195 or better in levels 2 and 3 rally. Which I guess would be similar to the RAE but they up the ante on the score. A normal qualifying score is only 170.

    We started a little slow but the first course (level 2) had the offset figure 8 with foodbowls that contained some aromatic food. We got through the course, but those food bowls distracted him even when we were very far away from them. We lost lots of points to crooked sits and out of position. We got a 193, but blew the double Q we needed. Then in that trial we NQ'd in level 3 from anticipation. The good news was, we NQ'd in the trial that we'd already blew the double Q.

    Saturday afternoon was a different story. We did a level 1 course because we needed just one more Q there to get the RL1X2 individual championship and we got a 208. First place and the championship. Then we did our level 2 and got a 206 second place and a perfect 210 in level 3 (first place)! What a great way to end the day!

    Sunday morning we got a 201 in level 2 and a 207 and second place in level 3. Sunday afternoon we faced the food bowls again and we were a little more successful. I simply decided to make an idiot out of myself by being loud to keep his mind off the bowls. He was still distracted, but we made it and got a 197 (whew!). This was our RL2X2 individual championship. We finished the day with a 208 and first place in level 3.

    We had 9 runs, 8 qualifiers, 5 placements, 2 championships, and three legs toward the ARCHEX. We now had 7 legs, 3 to go. It was quite a weekend. Needless to say, we came home pooped (but happy)!

    Ann & Miles
    MACH ARCHEX "Miles" (DOB 3/10/2006) UD RAE MXS MJS OF CW-OB3 CW-ARF CW-AR CW-ZR2 CL-1 (DOB 3/10/2006)
    "Hartley" (DOB 7/21/2012) RN CGC CW-OB1

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    Congrats on a very nice weekend

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    congratulations! awesome job!

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