Remington had a bad day at the trial. He was very whiney and stressed. We entered Gamblers. I planned on just having some fun with him, running him through some tunnels (his problem is darting into tunnels and not coming out but rolling around in them... stress reliever). Anyway, he handled the first tunnel awesome, ran right through so I thought we'd have a good run. I sent him up and over the A-frame and he then ran out of the ring, saw one of his buds (a bassett hound friend) and that was all she wrote.

Ferrari had a great day socializing and meeting lots of people and dogs.

Sunday I decided to leave Remington at home and I just took Ferrari. Again, lots of socialization and meeting folks... and we sat ringside and watched. He's so attentive and LOVES to watch the dogs run the course. He just sits there and watches, not a peep out of him.

I think by the time he's old enough to trial, he'll be an old pro. He's already been to 9 trials and he's only 4.5 months old