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    For those who get the Cleanrun magazine may know about Nancy Gyes Alphabet Drills they were a series of drills configured on the alphabet and they ran one a month a couple of years back..well they put them all into one book and probablly updated some as there are a couple that have push to the back of the jump..most of the drills use just jumps..a few have tunnels and/or table and she occasionally gives ideas if you want to use other obstacles..there is an index in the back so if you want to work on a specific skill say front cross or rear cross it will tel you what letter to work has appendix to show how to work on front/rear cross, 180 serpentines etc..exercises go from basic to advance with anywhere from about 20 to 35 exercises per letter..

    I love this book..because I pre ordered I got a CD with the drills on it and her course builder template to use with the clean run course designer (which I already have)..Don't know if the CD is still available with it or not..

    Just wish I had room to set up at home but will be nice to take out ideas to our arena.

    Just looked on Clean run and the CD is available separately but discounted if you buy both at the same time.

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    That sounds great, especially with the index to show what letters to work on for specific skills. Very cool!

    Debbie, since you mentioned you don't have much room at home to set up courses, I might recommend Kiersten Lloyd's two books called "Thinking outside the Box". They are courses designed for training in small areas, and each course set up shows three variations of sequences to run as well as a gamble course, and there is room to make notes for how things went. I think you have to order them through her personally so if anyone is interested, I can send you her contact info. (For those that don't know, Kiersten is Canada's agility Lab guru, she has won many national championships with her different Labs and has represented on the world team, and if you ever get a chance to attend a seminar that she's putting on it is well worth it!)
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    I guess I should have said I have no room to set up anything at home..backyard is postage stamp size and all cement or river rock..literally enough for the dogs to potty but nothing else..but thanks..the arena is only about 20 minutes away so not bad at all

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