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    DefaultAgility weekend ....

    spoiler for those who don't want details: three dogs, three days, many classes, a bunch of qs and a couple of titles ...

    Brody (shi mix) and Sally (lab mix) ran in both the aac trial and the cpe trial ... Thea (chihuahua) just ran cpe

    Sally's runs were lovely, fast yet steady - we had one bit of a disaster in a steeplechase course .. I just seemed to be in the wrong place a couple of times but she never disengaged and did some nice work even out there; a jumpers run we had a refusal (umm caused by mme standing right in front of a tire she had to jump through), another jumpers run she raced by a jump I presumed she'd know to go out to ... DOH, a gamblers run she went up the teeter at 20 feet away from me - I was shocked; stopped moving and that pulled her off the teeter without hitting the contact Whoops!In one snookers run she pulled 2 rails (her only rails all weekend) leaving us with a point score in the 20s somewhere ... so relatively small mistakes prevented those qs ... we did earn 6 qs though with some smoking clear runs - including this gambles video which clearly shows some glitches (the judge standing on our opening line was amusing (sort of) the final gamble was spectacular though ....

    YouTube - Andrea 2105.AVI

    Brody was his rockstar self ... he missed 2 snookers by 2 and 4 points respectively but flew his jumpers courses to finish his masters jumpers dog of Canada title ...and put an extra jumpers in his bank .. his was running those courses over 4 yps which is quick for him ...he earned 5 more qs in various classes .. including his first level 4 full house q which can be tough class for him as it can require covering a lot of ground to make sure the right type of obstacles are done (you must do 3 bar jumps, 2 circles (tire or tunnels) and a joker (weaves, double, triple, contact) he finished with 32 points (25 required by comparison Sally earned 43 points which was either the highest score or one point off)

    Thea only came out one day and she earned all 5 of her qs including standard which can be a tough course for a pip squeak ... every time I think of retiring her she does something like that She absolutely SMOKED her jumpers course at 3.8 yps ( Sally was 5.6 by comparison but Thea was running twice as fast if that makes sense)

    It was a great weekend for lots of reasons but mostly because the dogs were so happy to be running

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    Yeah..wonderful weekend..congrats on all the Q's and titles.

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    Wow! Congrats on the Qs and titles!

    Ann & Miles
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