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    DefaultJust a small gloat

    I took the girls to a tracking certification on Monday, Ruby hasn't been tracking since last May, but our trainer was holding a fun bbq day so we went.

    No surprise, Ruby certified with no trouble at all for her TD track. If I knew she was going to perform so well right out of the box, I'd have tried the TDX track, but I wasn't about to run her twice.

    The big surprise is that Virginia also certified. She totally blew her first turn, or so I thought, I was totally convinced she had no clue where she was going, though her tail was going a mile a minute, her usual 'on track' indicator. She kept looking back at me the last 5 minutes or so, and I was giving her my 'I don't approve but I'm following you anyways because I can't beat you on the track' look (J/K I don't beat her...often )

    When she flopped down on the glove at the end I nearly cried, I was totally convinced she blew it. And I even appologized for the evil glances I was giving her. Good Ginny Monster! My instructor told me as soon as we got back to the start that she could totally read my body language that screamed out that I didn't believe her. I'm glad Virginia didn't read the same thing and get discouraged, bad mommy!

    I have no intentions of even trying to run them, as I've now lost 14 entry fees on Ruby, when we don't get accepted. But its nice to know she did it, and can do it. And that I should believe my monster when she's following her nose.
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    This is so weird, I know I already replied to this, earlier this afternoon.

    Anyway, congrats again, that is fantastic! Tracking is not very big in my area. When Ruger was younger I was interested in doing it, but since it's nearly impossible to get into a tracking test, I didn't want to put all the effort and training (not to mention getting up at 5 in the morning to go) into it.

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    Congrats to all of you

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    Wow! Congratulations!

    So, if you enter a tracking test and they don't accept you they still get to keep your entry fee? What a racket!

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