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    The UKC Premier is a pretty big to do around here. A four day show with all the top dogs from last year (in conformation, obedience and Agility) competing for top dog, and because there are thousands of dogs, probably the biggest UKC show of the year (and pretty much guaranteed competition) Anyways....

    I bet the UKC is getting a lot of calls!

    I entered Kodi on All stars, Open A and Rally 1, and Hoss in Novice B and Rally 1. However, the UKC computer sent back my confirmation as they were both entered in Agility and not Rally! (other classes were correct). Lady on the phone said that their computer was spitting all the Rally entries out as Agility in the emails of confirmation, and that their computer person is out of the country, so they could not get it fixed until he got back. Dogs apparently though are indeed entered correctly.

    When I started to say what was wrong the lady finished my sentence for me. I bet she is cursing the computer guy right now!

    I hand delivered the entries on Tuesday, and the UKC office is being remodeled. I had to enter through the employee entrance and an employee had to go get someone to help me. I demanded a written confirmation of my entries at that point because of the confusion. I sure hope things do not get lost!

    I see that the Weight pull on Saturday is already full!

    Entry fees for the Premier this year? $400.00! ouch!
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    Sounds like a big show. Hope the confusion on the entries will all be straightened out. It's nothing for me to drop $400 for a show... I've really had to cut back this year and am generally showing on Sunday's only (can't get off work Friday night to get to a show early Saturday morning). So only going one day is helping with entry fees for me and my gang. Doesn't help much with our Q's however!


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