Sunday Trial - we like cpe :)
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Thread: Sunday Trial - we like cpe :)

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    DefaultSunday Trial - we like cpe :)

    slow report - apologies but it's been a busy busy week ...

    We finally did a trial last Sunday ... a CPE afternoon ...

    Brody ran in level 3 (except snookers which is level 4 for him)
    and Sally ran her first full level 2 trial

    first class was Brody's jumpers - zoom ... perfect
    second class was Sally's jumpers - I managed to get in all the right places at the right time with the right info for her .. 5.1 yps ... she smoked her run

    third class was full house for both of them ... excellent runs with lots of points left over for both of them ...

    fourth class was Brody's standard - my only mess up of the day (running at the aframe saying " teeter, no tire, no over, no ... what is this thing? do it " and his only wrong foot of the day - stepping off the side of the teeter instead of exiting straight (he still go the contact but that is not his correct performance). I fugured we cancelled each other out as we ran a nice clean run.

    then came Sally's wildcard ... it was a MUCH trickier course than usual .. there was a middle row of three obstacles that were each 5 feet apart and were mutiple obstacles - she was AMAZING .. fast again and very accurate .. she was one of 2 dogs to q in this class

    the next class was Brody's wildcard - also tricky - I watched dog after dog take the wrong end of the tunnel - luckily for us we were first so I had no chance to think of the wrong choice - I handled it a little differently than usual - using a blind cross for the first time in my life ...blind crosses actually work with Brody which shocks me as I hate them. He nailed the course.

    The last two classes were the snookers courses. Brody ran his a little slowly for the first half but was his usual snooker King self. Sally's run was the kind of run that makes your heart SING. She was exactly everywhere I needed her to be. Running fast, running accurate. She did a lovely post turn around me to hit the closing sequence on exactly the path I had pictured. She was the fastest dog in the class (with 10 seconds to spare) and had 46 points .. just one point behind the top scoring dog.

    We ran 9 for 9. A perfect day. Amazing dogs.

    “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” H. Keller

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    Don't you just love a day like that..congrats..Our first trial since October is next month..I can't wait..

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    YAHOO!! What a great day!


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