First show weekend of 2011...
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Thread: First show weekend of 2011...

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    DefaultFirst show weekend of 2011...

    had it's good points and bad. Caleb nq'd in Utility both days. Sunday he had a wonderful run going but wanted to take his precious bar jump so he didn't sit nor did he go for the jump I told him to (high was first). Attitude on Sunday was better. Open he had nice runs both days but with a catch each day--Saturday ticked the broad and Sunday had an auto finish on the broad. But he actually held his sit stay two days in a row!

    Micah had his debut in Graduate Novice. This is a nice class cause the heeling is on lead, figure 8 off lead. His on lead heeling was wonderful. What an improvement from last year! Basically, I did the figure 8 by myself. We'll work on that. Everything else was good and he got two legs towards his GN. I am getting so excited about getting into the ring! Have a goal of late spring to try for his CD.
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    nice comeback overall it sounds like

    lots to appreciate and a few things to work on - sounds like a pretty good balance too


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    Susan - Nice update on the boys. Were you in Erie? Missed you at the I-X. Hope your Christmas was wonderful. B
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