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    DefaultAnother trial, another...

    NQ And for the same reason- Caleb decided to buzz the ring after the jump again. The good news is he only got a few feet away. AND, we think we know why he did it this time- our instructora and a student who was watching said I sped up as I approached the jump and gave him a sweeping signal to take it. The picture Ken just showed me of that station confirms it. So, at least I know how to fix it. Hope everyone else who competed this weekend had a better results than we did!

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    "buzz the ring"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slackercodemonkey View Post
    "buzz the ring"?
    run around the ring..

    Good that you were able to see what might be causing the problem...hope it is an easy fix.

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    also known as "pulling a Sophie"

    Better luck next time, glad you were able to identify a clear cause...

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    In rally, I tell Miles "heel" while he is jumping and I don't accelerate for that jump. He doesn't need it. I do agility with him so I do have to remind him to come heel after the jump. 16" is not a challenge for these labs so you don't need much of a running start. They do think it is fun, so it lights them up a bit.

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