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    DefaultHappy Teeter Boy

    Yesterday, I went to my friends house again to use her teeter. My goodness, my dog likes ANYTHING he can associate with food. He eagerly went up that teeter repeatedly, in fact, my problem became keeping him away from it when I wanted him to do something else. I finally had to decide, "okay, I am not rewarding that". He still seemed to love it. As if "Okay, now that I am not scared of this thing, I think it is great fun!".

    I think what may have happened is that after he seemed to master the teeter, I became complacent about managing his teeter performance and stopped rewarding it. Then as we changed our focus to other handling skills and increasing course speed, the teeter performance got neglected and with more speed became scary because I wasn't paying enough attention to it. I sometimes forget how green my dog really is in agility.

    If it doesn't rain today, I will try to go visit yet another friend who has a teeter totter. I think I am going to ask Santa Claus for a teeter.

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    I'm glad the Teeter Tour is going so well

    I'm sure you are right ... and believe me I've seens dogs erode specific obstacle behaviour LONG after anybody could call them green ..
    especially jumps actually as people forget to "pay" once the behaviour is well known and ingrained ..

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