I was really pleased with the utility match. We almost Q'd! We only nq'd because I gave a command for the directed jump that isn't the command I use, so Miles sat there and waited. What a good boy. Bad mommy. Once I gave the correct command, he took his jump!

His heeling was bad! We've worked on that too. More heeling work for him! That was really the biggest issue. Signals were great. We need to train at more distance on the articles. The first time, he stood there several seconds before he said "Oh! articles!" I waited it out though and he retrieved the correct one both times. Gloves he did great, mouthed the glove a bit. Moving stand for exam, he travelled a little. Lost 3 points for that. The go outs and directed jumps were great, except for my miscue. He travels a bit to the right on the sit part of the go out. We'll work that with a pole down for awhile but he ran out happily and got his butt all the way to the end so I was happy about that. Jumped the correct jump both times too.

All in all, very good. We have some things to work on. Planning on going to a run thru in Youngstown in a few weeks. We'll see what progress we have made by then.