Sunday agility results/always check your scores/Happy Birthday Cedar
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Thread: Sunday agility results/always check your scores/Happy Birthday Cedar

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    DefaultSunday agility results/always check your scores/Happy Birthday Cedar

    So as the title says our Sunday results

    Flyer Open Jumpers..learned something new about the new 3 tries at the weave poles..they call anything that could be consider a runout or refusal at the weaves as an attempt whether they get in the weaves or if you watch the video passing the weaves to take the off course tunnel was considered 1 attempt..the spin in front of the weaves was the 2nd attempt and the 3rd attempt was actually in the weaves but popped out.. so a dog could spin in front of the weaves 3 times and that could be his 3 weave attempts..

    YouTube - Flyer Tricities Sun Open JWW

    Flyer Novice Standard .. had a nice run I came out thinking we had possibly Q'd but several people said the judge raised his hand 3 times and since I knew we didn't have an off course I figured we had 3 refusals/runouts so we wouldn't have I didn't check our scores until the end of the day just to see what our times were and low and behold we had Q's with a score of 90 (only 2 refusals/runouts) and received 1st place..*G*G*G*G*..Moral of the story..always check your scores..

    Here is his 1st place run..

    YouTube - Flyer Tricities Sun Novice Standard 1st Place

    Sunday was Cedar's birthday and he must have been partying without me cuz our runs were not great at fact in his Jumpers run he got picked up and carried out..(the walk of shame)..not sure where his head was at but it was interesting as he is usually my steady guy..

    YouTube - Cedar Tricities Sun Exc Standard

    and the walk of shame..maybe he and the judge were partying..he seemed to like him

    YouTube - Cedar Tricities Sun Exc JWW walk of shame

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    Deb, i will look at your videos when I get home.

    Yes, the new rules are "interesting". Now that they don't score the upside of the contacts, they have time to be really looking at and downside so they are less likely to miss a missed contact on that side. Uh oh!

    My dog didn't seem at all bothered by the 4" lower tire height. I wasn't sure what to expect there but he didn't miss a beat.

    Congrats on the Q and the first place!

    Ann & Miles
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    "Hartley" (DOB 7/21/2012) RN CGC CW-OB1

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