A "not so good" show day
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Thread: A "not so good" show day

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    DefaultA "not so good" show day

    Well, not so good, because we didn't Q, but had a nice time anyways. We went to Huntington WV today to try our luck at a second Open Q - out of 9 dogs - none Q'd. We were last, so Emilu was the last hope for a Q. She did her usual laggy heeling, with the judge giving little laughs during her performance - in fact, he laughed at her the whole time - not in a mean way - just tickled to see her amble ever so slowly around the ring. She missed her drop on recall, which she had been missing during practice too - so we'll work a little harder on that, then she walked the broad jump AGAIN! He even let us do it again, and she walked AGAIN! ARRGGH! The funniest thing she has been doing is when she does the ROJ - she trots off - jumps, gets the dumbell, and then ever so slowly walks right up to the jump, stops, then gives a big hop over it! The judges find this amusing too. Oh my girl! I do think that we will get our Open title sometime. At least she is doing everything on the first command now - that's better than when we first started this Open journey.

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    Oh how they can humble us!

    Glad there was progress, and I am sure too that Emilu will give you a CDX!

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    Sorry, Pat, but I'm sure -- with your excellent patience -- she'll make it some day.

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    Emilu! What are we going to do with you?! Sure missed getting to see you two at Huntington!
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