After being out of the country for 2 weeks....
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Thread: After being out of the country for 2 weeks....

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    DefaultAfter being out of the country for 2 weeks....

    We competed in CPE agility on Saturday!

    My DH and I took a Mediterranean cruise out of Barcelona for my birthday and we were gone for 12 days. Miles was at doggie camp while were gone, which pretty much means he tossled with his buddies and laid around on a blanket for two weeks. We got home last Weds and I had expected to go to agility class on Thursday but couldn't because my 6 year old grand daughter had an event at school. So, we ended up going to this trial without having done agility in about a month!

    We startd with Jumpers, level 3. Miles was so excited he was quivering! We dropped one bar, but Q'd and I think that dropped bar was just because he was just buzzing. He rarely drops bars. We NQ'd in Snooker (level 1). I am wondering if we will ever Q in Snooker. I think if Snooker had been later in the day, we might have had a chance. He was still buzzing and I was still trying to relearn my agility handling. We Q'd in Wildcard (level 2) , 5 faults for an off course, but still a Q.

    I am most excited about Standard. This was our first Q in Standard level 2. He did good on the weaves, popped out at the end, but then did them. He back weaved a bit so we got 5 faults for off course. He took the teeter very cautously, but never hesitated. He has figured out the fulcrum. I was so proud of him! His Standard run was very good!

    No videos, left the camera at home. I am very pleased. We went 3 out of 4 for the day. Not too bad for being rusty after vacation!

    Ann & Miles
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    Well, that cruise sure sounds like it was wonderful!!!!!! Congrats on the nice weekend without any work! Don't they just amaze us sometimes. Not that I would want to do that all the time, but once in a while it is nice to see!
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    Sounds like a good time all the way around! Congrats on the Q's!

    Karen and the gang
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